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    MOFs have demonstrated class-leading performance in numerous applications. These excellent properties enable MOFs materials to gradually move from laboratory research to the commercial market. However, economic, efficient and consistent MOFs manufacturing is a critical prerequisite to translate MOFs to real-world applications. Alfa Chemistry R&D experts can rapidly develop scalable, robust and cost-effective chemical processes and optimized reaction conditions for various MOFs materials, which will lay a stable foundation for scale-up production process, thus ensuring the smooth progress of commercial production. We are committed to customizing the appropriate process route, optimizing the MOFs production process, improving product quality and process efficiency, and saving time and cost for our customers.

    Our Services

    Process R&D

    Alfa Chemistry process R&D services include:

    • Evaluate, scout and develop new synthetic routes for target MOFs materials.
    • Optimize reaction conditions and synthesis routes to reduce manufacturing costs.
    • Rapid screening of reaction conditions.
    • Develop reliable analytical methods and quality control procedures for MOFs process control.
    • Establish process safety assessment and risk assessment systems.
    • Scale-up of new and existing synthesis routes of MOFs to pilot plant or commercial scales.

    Our Advantages

    Process R&D

    Alfa Chemistry has unique strengths in Process R&D, including:

    • Fast and efficient process development capability.
    • Accurate and reliable material analysis and characterization capability.
    • Experienced R&D team and full equipped experimental equipment and instruments.
    • The concept of intellectual property protection runs through the process development.
    • "One-stop" service from gram grade to small test, pilot test to commercial production.

    High-efficient process R&D is the foundation for creating robust, reliable materials development and commercialization processes. Based upon deep industrial experience and innovative processes, Alfa Chemistry provides world-class process R & D services to global companies in a cost-effective and scalable manner, significantly improving their R&D success rates. No matter where you are, our team of experts can help you design cost-effective solutions.

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    Customer Order Process

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