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    Introduction of Hydroxy MOFs Linkers

    Hydroxy metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) have attracted great attention as a new type of porous materials for various applications, including catalysis, gas storage, separation, and drug delivery. The design and synthesis of these materials heavily rely on the choice of organic ligands, also known as linkers, which bridge metal ions and form the framework structure. In particular, hydroxy MOF linkers have shown unique advantages due to their hydroxyl groups, which can participate in hydrogen bonding and acid-base reactions, leading to enhanced stability, selectivity, and reactivity.

    Hydroxy MOFs Linkers

    Application of Hydroxy MOFs Linkers

    Catalysis: Hydroxy MOFs linkers have been demonstrated as efficient catalysts for various organic transformations, such as aldol reactions, cross-coupling reactions, and oxidative coupling. For example, Alfa Chemistry has developed a series of hydroxy MOF-based catalysts that exhibit high activity and selectivity in the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and CO2, which is a green and sustainable route to replace the traditional phosgene-based process.

    Gas storage and separation: The porous nature of MOFs makes them promising candidates for gas storage and separation. Hydroxy MOFs linkers can further enhance the gas adsorption and separation performance due to their tailored pore size, shape, and polarity. For instance, Alfa Chemistry has constructed a hydroxy MOF with carboxylic acid-functionalized linkers that exhibits excellent CO2 uptake capacity and selectivity over other gases, making it a potential material for post-combustion carbon capture.

    Drug delivery: MOFs also hold great potential for drug delivery due to their high surface area, biocompatibility, and tunable release profile. Hydroxy MOFs linkers can provide additional functionality for targeted drug delivery by conjugating with specific drugs or ligands. Alfa Chemistry has synthesized a hydroxy MOF-based drug carrier that can selectively release anticancer drugs.

    Our Phosphorous Acid MOFs Linkers Advantages

    The Hydroxy MOFs linkers from Alfa Chemistry allowing for effortless interaction with that of H2O, a vital aspect for multifarious applications including but not limited to catalysis, gas storage, drug delivery, and sensing. Our hydroxy MOFs linkers are amazing not just for their hydrophilicity, but also for their high thermal stability, large surface area, and pore volume - putting them at the top choice for several industrial and environmental applications.

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