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    Location: US

    Function: Research and Development

    Time limit: Permanent

    Alfa Chemistry is looking for sales professionals who can engage in chemical-related products, quickly and effectively respond to market changes and efficiently requires market transparency. In marketing, sales specialists work closely with our strategic customers to develop from existing customers and new customers. For new businesses, actively seek new opportunities to ensure long-term business cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

    Basic Skills

    • Establish good and strong customer relationships, maintain old customers, and develop new customers.
    • Handle customer orders, negotiate with customers, sign contracts and renew tasks.
    • Ensure that our market solutions are accurately submitted according to customer needs, budgets and goals.
    • Coordinate and solve customer's problems with orders, product supply, product quality, technical services and after-sales.
    • Develop new business with existing and new customers, serve customers, and ensure a win-win situation with strategic customers.
    • Meet and exceed sales performance and innovation requirements.
    • Predict and track the demand indicators of major customers, actively understand the trends of customers, and look for new opportunities for cooperation.



    • Sales experience in related fields of chemistry and biology will be more advantageous.
    • Doctor degree in polymer, Mof, Cof or inorganic chemistry field.
    • Have excellent negotiation skills and presentation skills.
    • Excellent oral and expressive communication skills, organizational skills.
    • Excellent teamwork and spirit.
    • Demonstrate the ability to provide customer-centric solutions based on customer needs.


    Have the ability to design experiments, analyze data and independent experiments, and be able to cooperate and solve problems.


    The ability to independently conduct experiments in an organic chemistry laboratory is required.

    Contact Details

    If you are interested in working with us, please send your resume to us.


    ※ Note: Not accepting calls from applicants


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