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    Gases are widely used as energy resources for industry and our daily life. Gas storage and separation are closely related to various aspects in human society, such as environmental protection, energy utilization and industrial production. Specifically, carbon dioxide separation is crucial to the alleviation of greenhouse effect; hydrogen and methane storage are indispensable for the widespread use of clean energy; the separation and storage of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and ammonia, are important for pollution control and the synthesis of industrial chemicals. Gas storage and separation in porous materials is a desirable technology that has been significantly developed in recent years[1].


    Promising Materials for Gas Storage and Separation

    Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are an emerging class of crystalline porous materials, which are the one of rapid development of three-dimensional porous materials since the 21st century. Compared with other porous materials (e.g. activated carbons, silicas, and zeolites), the unique structural features of MOFs and COFs, such as high porosity, large surface area, tunable structure, lowest densities, and modifiable functionality, make them providing higher gas uptake capacity and very promising to be applied in gas storage and separation. To date, numerous MOFs and COFs have been applied for gas storage and separation. This active field represents one of the most important aspects of energy chemistry and materials.

    Alfa Chemistry can provide the high-quality MOFs and COFs which can be used in the following gases storage and separation.


    H2 Storage

    Hydrogen is an excellent alternative energy source for coal and gasoline because of its ultrahigh gravimetric combustion heat. This necessitates the using the superior material for hydrogen storage. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of MOFs and COFs with high uptake capacity of hydrogen.

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    CH4 Storage

    Methane is another energy source with the potential to replace vehicular liquid hydrocarbon fuel owing to its natural abundance, and highest H/C ratio among all fossil fuels for reduced CO2 emission. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of MOFs and COFs with high uptake capacity of methane.

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    CO2 Separation

    Combustion of fossil fuels for power has inevitably brought the emission of large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and led to global warming. Therefore, it is urgent to develop materials that can effectively remove CO2 from gas mixtures. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of MOFs and COFs as solid sorbents for CO2 separation.

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    CO Separation

    Carbon monoxide is a crucial starting material for the production of a variety of basic chemicals, but it always appearing in the mixtures including H2, CO2, N2, and hydrocarbons, thus it necessitates purification of CO. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of MOFs for CO purification and separation application.

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    NH3 Storage and Separation

    NH3 is a highly toxic and corrosive gas species but also widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, especially in fertilizer production. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of high-quality MOFs and COFs for NH3 storage and separation application.

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    Capture of Other Harmful Gases

    The main harmful gases of air pollution include NOx, SO2, H2S, which is harmful to people and environment, is globally attracted. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of high-quality MOFs for the capture of these harmful gases.

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    Why Using MOFs and COFs

    • High uptake capacity: The high ability of gases storage capacity can be easily realized by artificial design and modification of MOFs and COFs because of the tunable structure and large surface areas of MOFs and COFs.
    • Easy to detection: Specific position of gases absorption of MOFs and COFs can be easily test and then improve its gases storage capacity.
    • Easy to use: MOFs and COFs have low density and good chemical stability, which is suitable for application in a variety of environments.
    • Cost-effective: The preparation method of MOFs and COFs is simple and the yields are high.

    What Can Alfa Chemistry Do

    We can not only provide high-quality MOFs and COFs which is suitable for various gases storage and separation and our professional technology team that can also provide customers with specialized MOFs and COFs design and customization services. No matter what design ideas you have, we will implement them together with you. In addition, Alfa Chemistry is committed to supporting customers a series of solutions in gas storage and separation by using MOFs and COFs. Please contact us immediately to order or cooperate in research and development with high quality and reasonable price.


    1. Li H.; et al. Recent advances in gas storage and separation using metal-organic frameworks[J]. Materials Today. 2018, 21, 108-121.

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