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    Biomedicine is an industry related to national economy and people's livelihood, whose development plays an important role in promoting social stability. Countries around the world have always attached great importance to the development of biomedical industry, at the same time, various policies and measures have been adopted to vigorously promote the development of the biomedical industry. Thus, it can be seen that biomedicine plays an essential role in the development of social economy. Recent decades have witnessed a surge of explorations of biomedical applications in drugs delivery, bioimaging, therapy (chemotherapy, genetherapy, immunotherapy photodynamic therapy and photothermal therapy), tissue engineering and others. Multifarious materials have been widely developed to achieve these objectives, including organic (liposomes, polymer, dendrimers, etc.), inorganic (metals, metallic oxides, carbon, mesoporous silica, etc.) However, there are still more materials limited due to their unsatisfactory efficiency or safety.


    Application of MOFs and COFs in Biomedicine

    Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have showed potential applications in biomedical field, which can be used in therapy, drugs delivery, biomedical imaging and others. The reasons can be described as follows: the structural periodicity, high porosity, and internal channels and pores of MOFs and COFs are beneficial to achieving high payloads and facile transport of drugs. And the versatility structure of MOFs and COFs enables it to deliver and release drugs or therapeutic agents in a controlled manner, achieving efficient therapy of disease and cancer and also providing effective therapeutic platforms in synergistic anticancer therapy[1]. To date, numerous MOFs and COFs have been applied in biomedicine fields.


    Advantages of Using MOFs and COFs

    Compared with the traditional materials for biomedical applications, MOFs and COFs demonstrate the following advantages[2]:

    • Thousands of MOFs and COFs provide a library of versatile porous materials for various bio-related applications;
    • The stable but degradable structures guarantee the reuse and on-demand degradation;
    • The high specific surface areas and porsities facilitate the efficient encaspsulation of cargos, ranging from small molecules to biomacromolecules.
    • The good biocompatibility of MOFs and COFs ensure the biosecurity for in vivo applications.

    Alfa Chemistry can provide the high-quality MOFs and COFs which can be mainly used in the following biomedical fields:


    Drugs delivery

    Good drug delivery system can improve drug utilization rate to achieve ideal therapeutic effects. MOFs and COFs are considered a good material for drug storage and delivery. Alfa Chemistry can provide a series of MOFs and COFs with excellent capacity of drug delivery.

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    Biomedical Imaging

    Biological imaging technology provides the most direct and effective method for biological structure and pathological features, which is conducive to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of MOFs and COFs which can be used in biological imaging.

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    Phototherapy involves the irradiation of tissues with light, which is an emerging antibiotic-free strategy to treat diseases such as cancer. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of high-quality MOFs and COFs which can be used in phototherapy.

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    Other fields

    Antibacterial, enzymes immobilization, protective coatings of protein and others also play an important role in biomedical fields. Alfa Chemistry provides a series of high-quality MOFs and COFs which can be used in these fields.

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    What Can Alfa Chemistry Do

    Alfa Chemistry provides all kinds of high-quality MOFs and COFs for the use in biomedical fields such as drugs storage and delivery, biomedical imaging, phototherapy and others, and our professional technology team that can also provide customers with specialized MOFs and COFs design and customization services. No matter what design ideas you have, we will implement them together with you. In addition, Alfa Chemistry is committed to supporting customers a series of solutions in biomedical fields by using MOFs and COFs. Please contact us immediately to order or cooperate in research and development with high quality and reasonable price.


    1. Feng L.L.; et al. Recent advances in covalent organic framework-based nanosystems for bioimaging and therapeutic applications[J]. ACS Materials Letters, 2020, 2, 1074-1092.
    2. Yang J.; et al. Metal-organic frameworks for biomedical applications[J]. Small, 2020, 1906846.

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